Natural Hair Rinse: Rosemary Herbal Hair Tea For Hair Growth

Natural Hair Rinses Are Easy To Make And Great For Your Hair
Questing for the holy grail of natural hair care? Rosemary is one of those “magic bullets” that will help make your hair grow faster, prevent flakes and really make your hair shine. One of the easiest ways to capture these benefits is to make an herbal hair tea or herbal hair rinse. There are just two or three simple ingredients to this rosemary hair rinse (depending on what benefits you are wanting). But before we go grabbing all the ingredients to get started, it’s important to understand why rosemary is good for your hair.
Rosemary Is Good For Your Hair
Rosemary is easy to grow, it is easy to find (bet you have some in your pantry) and rosemary is good for your hair. Rosemary contains certain organic compounds that help to stimulate your scalp circulation, that in-turn promotes new and faster hair growth. (And who doesn’t want that?) What really also makes rosemary good for your hair is that it works to condition your hair, making it really shiny and helps with scalp health by relieving itch,y dry scalp and dandruff. It’s not just good on chicken, chica, rosemary is simply good for your hair.
Rosemary plants have many phytochemicals which constitute potential sources of natural compounds as phenolic diterpenes, flavonoids phenolic acids and essential oils. About 90% of the antioxidant activity is attributed mainly to a high content of non-volatile components as carnosic acid and carnosol (phenolic diterpenes) and rosmarinic acid.1 So, what does all that science mean to you? It means that the phytochemicals in rosemary the stimulate which helps promote new hair growth, are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and help hair shine. Did I mention? Rosemary is good for your hair.

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